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I've now managed to upload two songs from the Momus gig in Paris to YouTube:

Pierrot Lunaire

Nervous Heartbeat


More video

Mar. 11th, 2007 01:51 pm
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I've just gotten around to posting more video from my Australian visit: I've just posted two from the Talkshow Boy gig at Pony in January; Catclaws, and his cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt" and The Specials' "Ghost Town".

Granted, much of the time it's a black screen, but that's because (a) my camera's crap in low light, (b) Adrian kept running around the venue as he performed, (c) Pony is somewhat dimly lit, and (d) what (a)-(c) didn't stuff up, YouTube's video compression did. The sound came out well, though.

Next up: see if there's anything from the Motifs gig that won't melt into a grey blur.
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And another video on YouTube: Wolf & Cub - "Steal Their Gold" live at the Old Blue Last, yeah?
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I've finally had enough time to sit down with my PowerBook and upload some video from my Australian visit to YouTube.

I present to you: Baseball playing "It's Gonna Be Hard And It's Gonna Hurt" at the Tote on New Year's Eve. With Cameron Potts punk violin action!

Update: And here's "Lines and Lines and Lines".
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Ninetynine live in Reykjavík:
Polar Angle, and Wöekenender.

They look less blurry in real life.

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