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Observations on listening to Mark Radcliffe's show tonight on BBC2:
  • Gogol Bordello sound like Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen crossed with a NME new-wave revival band.
  • The new Belle & Sebastian single, Funny Little Frog, sounds nothing like Belle & Sebastian. There is nothing particularly fey about it (other than the title, of course); the vocals are strong and confident and it bounces along energetically. It could easily be, say, The Thrills or The Magic Numbers, or anything in the top 40 in the two decades before Stock/Aitken/Waterman and Dr. Dre. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you; it's a pretty classy piece of pop craftsmanship, though don't expect Lord Anthony or The State I Am In.
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Last night, I went with [ profile] hazyjayne to see Belle & Sebastian play If You're Feeling Sinister at the Barbican (an oddly humanistic brutalist concrete ziggurat in the centre of London). It was brilliant; they played for almost two hours, and also played a lot of songs not on the album (including a rare live version of Electronic Renaissance). The support band was Broadcast, who were also really good, in a stylish, krautrocky and retrofuturistic vein; I'm going to see them again on Wednesday night. Anyway, there's a more detailed writeup here.

I went home with a bag full of Belle & Sebastian merch. I'm currently drinking chai out of a new "Belle & Sebastian Play If You're Feeling Sinister" mug; I also picked up the T-shirt, poster and keyring. I didn't get the book, though will get it in my next Amazon order.

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