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I'm back at work; slightly zombified due to not having gotten enough sleep last night.

The stack of CDs I ordered from Shelflife's clearance in early November finally showed up today. I was wondering where it had disappeared to; it turns out that they sent it by surface mail. Which means it probably spent the past two months making its way through the Panama Canal on a ship.

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The cover of the "Weather Sensitive" EP by Postal Blue (a Brazilian indiepop band, if I recall correctly) looks rather like one of Crushworthy's Hydroplane/Cat's Miaow sleeves. Which is probably because both lifted design cues (halftoned photographs, that tall sans-serif font) from Blue Note or someone.
And do Free Loan Investments sound like Heavenly/Tallulah Gosh or what?

The Chips

Dec. 19th, 2005 12:32 pm
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I've just ordered the new Minimum Chips record from Red Eye in Sydney*. The total cost, including postage, will be AUD$30.71, or approximately £12.62, which isn't bad.

(Sorry, [ profile] givemethegun; I appreciate your offer of picking it up for me, but needed it in time for my end-of-year CD writeup. Though there are a few other titles I'm interested in.)

* the first place I could find that had medium-sized Australian indie and did mailorder. ChaosMusic is hopeless these days and seems to have little that you wouldn't find in a suburban Sanity (i.e., don't even think about anything non-mainstream); a far cry from when they bought Gaslight and tried to assume the aura of coolness that came with it. Meanwhile, the Chips' label, Trifekta (distributed by FMR), is too big and well-distributed (in Australia) for the small indie outlets to bother with.
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A parcel just arrived from Australia, containing four CDs:
  • Francis Plagne - "Idle Bones" (rather quirky multi-instrumental art-pop, interspersed with lots of environmental recordings; it's a bit like something from a Montréal post-rock collective only with the moroseness replaced by a jaunty playfulness. Well, actually, it's a set of enviromnental recordings and drones with three or so jaunty songs scattered between them, though, given that it's from Synæsthesia, that is hardly surprising)
  • Machine Translations - "Wolf on a String"
  • The Winter Ship - "Teardrops" (rather nice Melbourne shoegazer/post-rock, with more than a passing resemblance to Mogwai)
  • and the Australian edition of Camera Obscura's "Underachievers Please Try Harder", with its bonus tracks ("San Francisco Song" and "Amigo Mio", for what it's worth); that came out in 2004, but I was too busy packing to move to London to buy it at the time.
Thanks to my sister for doing the rounds of Melbourne's record shops to pick those up for me.

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