Dec. 4th, 2006 11:31 am
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I've finally gotten around to jumping on another bandwagon and now have a account; it is here. (Yes, I do realise how naff "acblicious" sounds, but "acb" was taken.)

It'll probably displace the somewhat clunky linklog on my website, just as Flickr displaced my homemade photo gallery system.
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I'm probably going to kill my email account soon; the address gets so much spam that (a) wading through the spam trap and looking for potentially miscategorised messages takes forever, and (b) about half a dozen spams make it through the filter every day.

(Attention spammers: get cancer and die. Thank you very much.)

The question is what to move to. I currently get my personal mail at's webmail. Before this, I used mutt, a command-line client I could use from anywhere I could get a shell. Since using SpamCop's webmail (which is basically the open-source Horde webmail system), I have started taking advantage of its multiple-identity support. I have several valid email addresses, ranging from ones I expect to throw away within months to more permanent addresses, and choose which address I will use depending on how ongoing the interaction is, and how much I trust the recipient to not sell it to spammers/submit it to this really cool web site that tells you cool stuff/have a Windows virus on their machine; I also have several other addresses, including one for mailing lists.

The problem with mutt is that it does not have modern multiple-identity support. You get one identity, and the ability to manually edit your RFC-822 headers if you want to change that. Which makes routinely using multiple identities really cumbersome. As such, unless someone comes up with a patch that presents a menu of identities prior to composing an email, mutt is, alas, out.

I'm now thinking along the lines of setting up an IMAP server on my virtual host, and also one or more webmail gateways to it. I'm thinking of going with RoundCube, as that is apparently nicely AJAXy1 . Annoyingly enough, it needs PHP, which I have so far avoided installing on my server (I don't know enough about PHP to be confident of locking it down, and don't like the idea of leaving open security holes by installing third-party scripts; given how many Linux machines were pwned because of a common PHP photo gallery script, I'm reluctant to trust third-party PHP scripts even more). It could also be useful to install a WAP webmail service of some sort.

Any suggestions?

[1] as opposed to Horde, or at least the SpamCop version, which requires a round-trip to the server for things like selecting search criteria. Hello; 1999 called and it wants its CGI interface back.
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It looks like there is now a new version of that semi-naked-rubber-mannequin flash toy from a few months ago:

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